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Challenge January 2011

Greetings all!

It is the beginning of a new year and a new set of challenges.

Let's take advantage of our New Year's resolution to revisit writing fic for the King Arthur fandom.

This month's challenge is Writer's Choice. We may use any of the past challenges and/or post an original story of our own.

We have 31 days in January, and you may post your fics anytime before the month ends.

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!
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I know that this is for the movie. But ... see ... I'm a bit of a slavering, die-hard</a> legend junkie and I lack a home. Might I post my fic here?
Y HALO THAR, UNCLOSED HTML TAG! *facepalm* Sorry about that.
Welcome, about_the_lime!

As you can see, it's been quiet around here for a while. It would be nice to have some stories to read, so you are welcome to post your KA fic here. It's okay if it is legend fic. Just mention that in the Author's Note.

And this is a drabble community, so keep your fics in the hundreds (100, 200,...500,...1000, etc.)

If you are posting a story for a past prompt, please let us know in your header. And all stories should go under an LJ-cut.

It's good to have you with us. And I look forward to reading your fic.

Happy writing!